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F11 Industrial Stamp<br>7/16" Diameter

F11 Industrial Stamp
7/16" Diameter

SKU: F11
Your Price $27.64
List Price $39.48
You Save $11.84
Industrial Large Inspection Stamp w/STRT Text - Impression Size: 7/16" Diameter

Make your mark almost anywhere with the pre-inked industrial stamps by Xstamper. Our proprietary ink formulation is fast drying, permanent and water-resistant when fully cured. The uniquely designed caps are engineered to keep ink from drying out. These stamps are ideal for marking on any slick or hard to mark surfaces. 

*Note: This stamp is a round stamp. If you choose to have a border, this site will show your stamp preview with a square border. Please know that your stamp will be made with a round border. 

*Average drying time for the "F-Series" stamps is around 90-120 seconds but may vary due to atmosperic conditions. 


Re-Inking Instructions:
1. Remove the cap and place face down. 
2. Hold stamp handle firmly and pull out die holder from handle. 
3. Place die holder on top of removed cap with impression die facing down. Hold die firmly and remove top plug.
4.Place one drop of Industrial Refill Ink into the F11 opening. 

Recommendations: Re-ink your stamp overnight to allow the ink to fully absorb into the stamp pad. 

            Works on the following Surfaces with Results:

  • A.B.S (Excellent)
  • Acrylic Board (Excellent)
  • Aluminum (Excellent) 
  • Brass (Excellent)
  • Cellophane (Excellent)
  • Ceramic (Good)
  • Cotton Cloth (Excellent)
  • General Painted Surfaces (Excellent) 
  • Glass (Good)
  • Hard & Soft P.V.C. (Good)
  • Leather (Good)
  • Melamine Coated Board (Good)
  • Plywood (Good)
  • Polyester Film (Excellent)
  • Art Paper (Excellent) 
  • Coated Paper (Good)
  • Construction Paper (Excellent) 
  • Corrugated Paper (Excellent) 
  • Hard & Regular Tracing Paper (Good) 
  • Letter Paper (Good) 
  • Photographic Paper (Excellent)
  • Polyethylene Film (Fair) 
  • Polypropylene (Good) 
  • Rubber (Fair) 
  • Stainless Steel (Excellent) 
  • Styrofoam (Good) 
  • Synthetic Fabric (Good)